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Menopause Premier Gold 90 Caps 2 Bottles (GD)

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Menopause literally means the last monthly period of a woman’s life.
Menopause occurs as the ovaries stop producing estrogen, causing the reproductive system to gradually shut down.
Menopause Revival helps for the body adapts to the changing levels of natural hormones, vasomotor symptoms
such as hot flashes and palpitations, psychological symptoms such as increased depression, anxiety, irritability,
mood swings and lack of concentration, and atrophic symptoms such as vaginal dryness and urgency of urination appear.
Together with these symptoms, the woman may also have increasingly scanty and erratic menstrual periods.

depression / anxiety / irritability / mood swings and lack of concentration / atrophic symptoms / insomnia

Recommended Adult Dosage
Take 1 capsule morning and night or as directed by physician.

If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner. Black cohosh may harm the liver in some individuals. Use under the supervision of a healthcare professional.


Assiting in depression anxiety / irritability mood swings and lack of concentration atrophic symptoms / insomnia


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Proudex Australia is to provide the highest quality of products to meet our customers’ health and nutritional needs. Proudex Australia was established in 1994 and for more than a decade, Proudex Australia has been a leader in the development, marketing, distribution and export of a wide range of high quality Australian made natural health supplements and nutritional products.

Proudex Australia aims to supply and promote premium quality Australian made products worldwide: while setting standards throughout the international markets for the highest quality of products at the best possible price. The company also  excels in packaging development for products to be marketed worldwide through airport duty-free outlets as well as in-flight Sale.

All our products are TGA approved. 

For more than a decade, Proudex Australia Pty Ltd has been developing products that are of highest quality, coupled with high service standards. 

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